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Give Children A Choice is about helping Lao children in poor remote villages through traditional donor support, transparent and engaging partnerships, and social venture initiatives.

Preschool Education and Health

Our core and founding mission is to build and fill preschools with children.  Our schools provide preschoolers critically important, formative year education with life long benefits.  Filling preschools focuses on removing barriers that result in improved school attendance and performance.  Vulnerable girls gain self-confidence and self-esteem during their formative years which have lifelong benefits.

Give Children A Choice is credited for having the vision and fortitude to pioneer preschool education in poor remote Lao villages.  We were alone in 2003.   Ten years later, preschool education for three, four and five year olds is now a national priority.

Transparent and Engaging Partnerships to Make Dreams Come True

Dreams to help Lao children can be elusive for some.  One may have the passion and desires, but not the knowledge, access, skills or experience to fulfill one’s dream in Laos.

Give Children A Choice partnerships create win-win results.  A donor’s dream is fulfilled. Children’s needs are fulfilled.  No matter the size.  No matter if it’s a school or a knitted hat or a legacy.  It’s all about fulfilling one’s dream.  We do the best we can to explore and fulfill one’s dream to help Lao children.

Meet some of our organizational partners here.

Social Ventures

Villagers can self-sustain their children’s education and health agenda by educating them with business skills, combined with local culture and customs, and guided empowerment.

Donations seed social ventures that benefit individuals, their family and the community.

Learn more about Give Children A Choice’s social venture successes and work in progress here.