Phawai School – Partnerships Make it Happen!

Give Children A Choice distributes clothes, school supplies, flip flops, sandals to the children of Phawai Village. Thank you to Luxottica Tristar, Nadine Dayag and Family, True Life Church, Tone Tviberg, Yui Guerrant and family, Yoshimi Nakajima and family and to all of our supporters! The children were very excited and very grateful.

Phawai Handover Ceremony on October 1, 2015

Give Children A Choice hands over Ban Phawai School complex to the Education Department of Xieng Khouang Province. Thank you to the Australian Embassy, American School of Vientiane Alumni, Friends and Family, A Hopeful Encounter, Give Children A Choice supporters and the Phawai Village Villagers!

Global Heartfelt Hatters Making Children in Phawai Smile!

Global HeartFelt Hatters deliver hats to Ban Phawai!  A huge THANK YOU to all the hatters around the world!!

Visiting Na Oh Village, Home to Our Next School Project

GCAC and A Hopeful Encounter visit Na Oh Village, the home of our next preschool project.


Moua Vue: “I want to be a Big Girl”

We were walking in Thachok Village. A young man in a camouflage jacket recognized us and asked us to help his younger sister, Moua Vue. A preschool girl-sized girl stood behind this young man. She wore a beautiful smile, beautiful long hair.

Very shy, she smiled and said “Hello” in English. Unusual for a preschooler. (She knew us because we helped her crippled cousin Yer Vue.) Her brother and family were concerned about Moua Vue’s future. We asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up. She says that, “I want to be a big girl.” Translating her response from Hmong to English.

Yes. We’ve seen her in the village preschool Give Children A Choice built. In fact, we recollect seeing her in preschool class a few years back. She is now in 8th grade.

We learned Moua Vue is 15 YEARS OLD. She has not grown since she was five years old.

We met her family, including her siblings. She was treated like a preschooler; she acted like a young teenager.

Our hearts fell for her. We want to see what we can do for her. Wondering if others would like to help her?

The Incredible Pavy Goodie Bags

Thachok and Phawai preschoolers were mesmerized, anxious and excited to receive a goodie bag filled with a stuffed animal, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a dozen goodies. Took a picture of a proud little boy as he surprisingly held up his bag of Pavy goodies. Thank you Pavy Thao Stacey and your children, who must have worked tirelessly to put these goodie bags together and shipped them from the USA to Laos.

Hopeful Encounter’s Arick Xiong lived in the Thai refugee camps when he was young. He reminisced when he received packages from groups like Give Children A Choice and A Hopeful Encounter. He recalled thinking that the people who gave things away were Gods. Well, far from it, but it gives a sense of how much these gifts mean to the children.

Thank you Pavy and family! You thrilled at least 100 preschoolers, giving them a day they will never forget, like Arick.!

Phawai Preschool/Primary School Complete!

Thank you American School of Vientiane Alumni, Family and Friends, the Australian Embassy and A Hopeful Encounter.  Thank you Luxottica Tristar for the children’s clothes and school supplies donation.  The school is complete. Inspection complete.  Flag’s up.  Classes are in session.  Villagers worked hard to make this school a reality.  They have a new school for their children’s future.  The handover is scheduled for October 1st.

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