Xieng Nga Preschool Handover

The Xieng Nga Preschool was funded by the many many Give Children A Choice supporters. Thank you all.

Phonxay Preschool

Thank you Denise and Michael McCarthy for your incredible generosity for continuing to help the Lao children in poor remote villages. Hearty thanks to both of you.

The Phonxay School preschool is located about 15 kilometers south of the Xieng Khouang capital city of Phonsavan. 32 preschool children are registered and are attending the preschool. They come from four nearby villages: Ban Hoy, Ban Phonxay, Ban Tham, Ban Thong. 

Chomphet Lower Secondary School Four-Room Addition

The completion of the Chomphet Lower Secondary School Addition culminates a long journey that started in 2010, when Give Children A Choice was asked to help the school. 

Kayeng Update: Five Months After Starting School

Give Children A Choice’s Barbara and Dori Shimoda drove to Khao Yai, Thailand to visit Kayeng.  Kayeng has been living at the Makutkiriwan School for the Blind for over five months now. He speaks only Thai now. Kayeng is under exceptional care at the school. He’s growing and he’s healthy. (He lives with the other students. His father returned to Laos in April. He missed his wife.)


Giving the Gift of Reading - Kokmanh Preschool

Give Children A Choice's Kokmanh preschool is located about 40 minutes southwest of Luang Prabang and was completed in August 2007.  Our preschool coordinator, Thongchanh, visited the preschool on February 26, 2014 to deliver books.  


Soap4Kids focuses on hand washing with soap to improve children's hygiene and to empower women to make, use and sell soap to expand the use of soap and generate incremental income.