Global HeartFelt Hatters Bring Warmth to the Children



Please watch the video, click here.  See the amazing journey to spread the warmth to the children in remote villages in Xieng Khouang Province.

Yodt Phair Preschool Construction Commences

Arriving at the Yodt Phair Primary School grounds.  Our preschools are built on land adjacent to the primary school in nearly every village we built in.

Location of the preschool above. The primary school and village meeting hall (and temporary preschool) are below.

Yodt Phair Preschool to be Completed February 2015

A three-room preschool is being built in Yodt Phair Village, Xieng Khouang Province, Laos. It is located about 80 kilometers from the provincial capital Phonsavan. Thank you Denise and Michael McCarthy for your generosity and continued support. The Yodt Phair villagers are very excited about the new preschool and were anxious to contribute their efforts towards the school construction. The preschoolers will have a beautiful new preschool in February 2015.

Call to Action - Help Keep a Child Warm!

 About six weeks ago our Lao Country Director, Barbara Shimoda, embarked on a mission to provide the children in the remote areas of Xieng Khouang Province warm hats as the winter and cold temperatures quickly approach.  With a goal of 500 hats we are asking that everyone who can participate help us reach that goal.

Global HeartFelt Hatters issue a hat and scarf call-to-action

September 28, 2014

4:02 PM MST

Sometimes, the difference between surviving and perishing is a hand-knit hat or scarf.

Second 2 Million Tablets Traveled 10,000 Miles

Congratulations to Give Children A Choice’s Debbie Davis and Thongchanh Vilayvong, Vitamin Angels’ staff Austen Musso, Catarina Sales, and those behind the scene. 4 million tablets of daily multiple vitamins for preschoolers and pregnant/lactating mothers have found their destinations in Laos.